Sunday, December 18, 2005

Why do men dog women?

I added a comment to a BLOG; basically the young lady asked the question, why do men dog women? I responded by saying…

”Good blog entry! First of all, we must define “man.” He is a pursuer by his very nature; unlike woman, who is waiting to be pursued. The problem is, many young men come from broken homes or they were raised by their mother’s only – nothing against single mother’s, most of you ladies do a wonderful job. But the fact remains, everything we obtain in life is taught, and a woman, even if she present her best, can’t teach a young man how to treat a young lady like his father or a father figure can. Bottom line is he needs to see his father or a father figure properly loving his mother or another in order to show that same love.

A large number of our young men had very poor role models growing up; all they know is to pursue a young lady, get what they can get, and go to the next one. This is what they see for the most part; they don’t know how to love, settle down or commit.

So, when you start a relationship, get past the red tape right away! Don’t give in to his pursuit, i.e., don’t give him the prize he’s after. If he is a good young man, he will be willing to wait.

Most young ladies get hurt because they give in too easily, the young man get what he came for, and gone forever. But there is hope! If you find a young man that you desire to build a relationship with, surround him with couples with health relationships – the man can show him how to properly love. But this does take time!”

I would like to go one step further; just as the young man need to be shown how to love, the young lady must be equally trained. As sad is it may sound, a large number of young ladies think that it’s ok to allow the young man to explore other women – as long as he come back to her. While reading this, don’t get mad, I’m making a point here.

The root cause of this thinking “in my opinion” is it’s taught! Wait don’t tune me out yet, I’m going somewhere. Just as the young men have for the most part, very poor role models, the young ladies do too.

Both the young men and women are equally scared. You see, these kids are exposed to so much garbage, and they just take it all in. Little or no guidance is given to them by their mom or dad, and the little they receive come from all the wrong sources. Instead of receiving positive guidance, they gravitate to the one’s who will forever keep them down.

To the young and old men alike, this is my message to you; if you have kids out there, and they don’t live in your current household, go and get them, spent time with them, teach them, they love you so much, even when you treat them like nobodies. Nothing says I love you like “TIME.”

To the young and old women alike, this is my message to you; I know it get hard sometimes, but you got to focus, your little ones are tomorrow’s leaders, and you must be very wise. When the man remove himself from his responsibility, you must stay strong, the well being of the children need to become your focus. I know you get lonely, everyone need to be loved, and I mean everyone, it’s the human makeup. But the children need to be protected; while having fun we produced them, and they didn’t asked to come. Please don’t allow just any guy under your roof to train your child or children, they are watching and learning everything they see.

To all who think that they have been properly trained, this is my message to you; I know we find ourselves looking at the behavior of a large number of children that we know lack guidance, let’s lend a helping hand. Believe it or not, most of the children that live in brokenness are very smart, they just need help. I challenge all to pick one child, just one, and show him or her how to fly. A large number of people are just talking, telling the children they can fly, but they need to see, show them! Please sacrifice some of your time, and invest in someone who could possibly be the very person to help you in the future.

I pray that we would collectively invest in a child, not in our distance future, now! Each time I see a child neglected my heart burn with pain, I can’t do it all, but I will help one child at a time until my earthly journey is complete.

Merry Christmas all!

TWT (Time Will Tell)


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Is America still great?

My understanding has always been, if you live in an existing place i.e., take for instance a house, and problems surface, this is ok, no need to worry, as long as the foundation is solid. I believe America encountered problems that were repairable, but rather than approaching the surface damage, someone tampered with the foundation.

For all who isn't aware of foundation problems, let me enlighten you! If the foundation is out of whack, it's just a matter of time before everything built upon it goes. It's just that serious.

If it’s my house, my rules stand. Even if I allow you to live there for a season, and you give input, my rules remain the same. America, in my opinion, has allowed other’s outside of its umbrella to change its foundation, thus making it uneasy for all who reside.

Now don’t get me wrong! I respect all religions, and by all means let everyone be allowed to worship as they please, but the foundation is “One Nation under God.” In God we trust is on our money, the pledge of allegiance was once strong in our schools with “One Nation under God.” What’s next?

I have visited many other countries, if you come in and stay forever, it doesn’t matter, you will cover down on their rules, and foundation. That’s how it should be, I’m ok with that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking of healthy countries that are treating their citizens like people.

From all of my research, America was built upon a rock (One Nation under God), if you research back, the president prayed publicly to God for our country. Yes there were problems, but it was striving for greatness. I believe God placed America in a key position to assist other countries for a season. Now, don’t get angry, just think it over for a moment. We lobby to take Prayer out of schools, the Ten Commandments from government establishments; as Lori Borgman stated, If not one nation 'under God,' then under what?

I believe America need to collectively apologize to God, and ask for forgiveness; it's just that simple. We can't begin to live until we learn how to love, and we have fallen out of love with our first love (God). To sum it all up, when America is ready for positive change, let's go talk to the God that we keep trying to walk away from!

Remember, let's not war with each other, come let us reason with each other. I value every comment, but please keep it clean.

Thanks for your time, and may the God of peace, rest rule and abide forever in your hearts.