Monday, July 31, 2006

What about this pain I feel?

As I look around, read articles, faces, and many other warning signs; I see most of all – pain! Yes, the smile may be their on a large number of faces, but there is so much pain in their heart. Families have been destroyed in record numbers, children roaming around without proper guidance, women left to fend for themselves, and their children; when will all this pain end?

If the truth be told, our decisions put in motion directions for our lives; I say time and times again, what you do will return in one way or the other. Do good, good things will happen; do bad, bad things will happen? Now let’s just get real with it – no one escapes. You can be the best Christian possible, it apply to you too.

We need to find away to control our flesh! What look good to you could possibly cause grave harm. Don’t wait until you hit a brick wall to know that its there. A large number of us know the risk before committing to foolishness, yet we cry when life present the pain. “Your choices will return”!

How do we train this flesh? I’m reminded of the secret service agents protecting the president of the United States – when a shot is fired, the natural reaction of the flesh is to take cover, but they have trained their flesh to stand up, and provide protection. Man what training! The only way to bring about change is to train our flesh; evaluate our actions – what will become of me, my family, my children, and any other thing of value if I engage in this mess? Believe it or not, we don’t care until we’re caught, then it’s someone else’s fought. I say “change your thoughts - change the World.” If not yours, someone else’s.

Let me say this – all problems doesn’t occur because you did something wrong, you could be in the right; they will still arrive at your doorstep. Children go through painful times all because of someone else (their parents). “Change your thoughts - change the World.” If not yours, someone else’s.

It doesn’t matter how high or low we arrive, God is still in control! His desire is for all to come too the knowledge of the truth.

Finally, He (God) is at work bringing good out of evil, light out of darkness, joy out of pain, order out of chaos, and life out of death. Our God is an awesome God!