Sunday, July 08, 2007

The origin of

I started blogging around mid year 2005. I went to a few different websites before arriving to a site called yahoo 360. Similar to the “my-space” site; it’s just one huge place to date in the cyber world. None the less I joined the yahoo 360 cyber world. Once I joined I placed a picture of myself on the main page, then provided a little about myself as a man of God. Because many people present themselves as men or women of God on these sites, true Christians aren’t taken seriously. Many of the problems originate from the people presenting themselves as Christians. For the most part… in the cyber world you can hide behind the Christian shield for a hot moment, but the true person always surface.

The invite:
Once you are a member of these sites others can view your webpage if you allow them. Most people start out with public access, meaning everyone can view and make comments on their page. Within minutes of me opening my page the invites started… nothing but women sending me invites to be their friend. I always allowed people to connect with me as a cyber friend. My blogs were a bit different from what they were accustomed too. You see… I presented the Word of God from the start… I know who I am and who’s I am. In all the time spent in this cyber world, I always presented God. I had around fifty women connected to me as friends; a few men of God connected with me because our writings were similar.

The lack of communication:
Because I used every effort to present God, only a few women communicated with me on regular basics. Many of them started out with phases like… praise God, He is worthy, let’s just lift Him up… but this was only a momentary exhortation. The real person soon surfaced. Many of them desired to get to know me better as they put it… to have me call them; meet with them, and many other avenues of approach. I held firm to my position as a sold out man of God. I remember one lady in particular… we will call her sister “Up and Down.” This sister brought much drama to the table… she would say things like, you can’t be that saved, you’re playing a game, I know you like me, so just drop the act and call me. I would continue to operate business as usual, but she would always place a few bad comments on my page. I am one who believes in allowing people to speak their minds, this time was no different. Others would email me on the side and say why don’t you just delete her from your page or delete her comments? I said no, she is entitled to her own comments. My belief is if your name is attached to the comment, and you’re comfortable with them, then I’m ok with them. I never deleted anything! To make a long story short, I informed her that I was leaving yahoo 360 to allow her the cyber space. This sister almost lost it! She began to apologize for her actions, she even said it will be hard for her to continue without my blog comments; I informed her that she had x-amount of days to retrieve them, but my season on yahoo 360 has expired. Everything in this life happens for a reason…

The birth of “Wisdom from the man”

In my obedience to God He provided to me many thoughts, and that wasn’t all… He also allowed the arrival of “blogspot” to cross my path. Upon this combination of Words from God, and a place to store them, soon was born. You see… in order to get the Word out to others, I must live the Word. Revelation 12:11 and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…

I believe God has allowed me this season in order to be fruitful so that we can multiply. Many are talking the Christian talk, but few are walking it. When God drop a thought, a message or anything that will change a life for the good, I’m logging it on my page. I am who I say I am… If you don’t know me… watch my life… then you will see.

Blessings to all!


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