Friday, October 20, 2006

What about our children?

Proverbs 22:6 (New Living Translation)

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Let me start by saying foundation is the most important process of building anything. I’ve walked pass many young boys and girls, viewed their behavior, made a quick assessment, prayed for them, and continued life. This time was different, it hit me like a ton of bricks; it’s as if God Himself was moving inside me, oh what pain I feel!

I’ve witnessed many problems with children, and mine are no exception; it seemed everything could be traced back to how the child was or is taught. It’s not about the problems, everyone will encounter them; it’s about how they as children handle the problems.

One child in particular stood out, he just couldn’t seem to get it right! He resided in what seemed like a good home environment, but something was missing. Let’s get to the real problem here! It really requires a solid foundation for children in order to give them the best chance in life. It’s not always about the money, though the money matters; you can live in the best neighborhoods, drive the best automobiles, even the best of friends, there isn’t any replacement for proper guidance.

I asked myself what’s wrong with this child. Something isn’t adding up; he lives in a nice house, he got a mom, a dad, a sister, and all the gadgets a child would desire. Then it became visible to me, the foundation was out of balance. The mom was attempting with her best effort to discipline the child, but he just seemed to exhibit the same problematic behavior over and over again. Let’s look deeper inside this family world…

The real problem here was the failure of the father to align with the mother to train up the child while he is young, because it’s very difficult to train them once they’re older. The father, father figure, mentors or whatever label we give them are vitally important in a child’s early years, and much more in their latter years.

Show me a real problem child, and I can trace it back to their foundation. You may say I know people who came up in the best environment, and they are problem people today. My question to you, how do you know? Just because someone tell you everything is ok doesn’t mean everything is in fact ok.

To the mother’s:

If this is you receive these words, make the adjustment, and I know a change will come. Don’t talk bad about the children father! It doesn’t matter how bad your relationship is with him, he’s still their father. You are training your children to hate, you may not realize it, but it’s taking shape right before your eyes. Believe me, it may not show up until later, but it will show up.

To the father’s:

Men we have a world of influence in our children lives; it’s something about the father’s voice that gives our children the boost they need to get their act together or just to motivate them to move forward. Check this out! I taught a JROTC group in Germany, a young man stood out, he was a problem child so to speak, one day I caught him alone, and began to inquire as to why he acted in this manner – he began to say I don’t act bad, then I hit home, I said where is your father? He broke down in tears; he’s in jail man he said! I just let him vent for the moment, he said I love him, and just want to be with him. I embraced him, and told him it’s ok; I was at a lost for words, I told him to write his father, and let him know just how much he love him.

Gentlemen, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done; you can be locked up this very hour you still can make a difference in your children lives. Your little ones still welcome you as father in their lives. Father’s everywhere I challenge you to get in touch with your children like never before, they need us, their destine can be enhanced by our very presence. Let’s come together for our children, let’s break the chain of bondage we’re in, and do it for our children. Love is spelled TIME. I love all of you!




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