Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

This seems to be an age old question. What is love? Some say it’s when you can’t keep your eyes off that beautiful lady or that handsome man, other’s say it’s when you just can’t stay away from each other. There are many definitions of love; Let me try to break it down for all to receive.

Love is commitment to each other; when you say I love you, what you do should validate what you say. Hanging out with the boy’s or girls on a regular basic doesn’t show commitment to your partner.

Love is spending time with each other; if you love something you will spend time with it. Relationship with your partner i.e., husband, wife or significant other is far more important than any other earthly commitment.

Love is communicating your feeling to each other on a regular basic; ALWAYS give your partner compliments, something like, “honey you sure are fine, sweetie I love everything about you, baby if I didn’t have you, I couldn’t make it through the day.” Reason is, when the hard times come, and yes, I did say, when the hard times come, no one escapes them, it will be easier to discuss the difficult issues ahead. Let’s break down some of the man/woman differences:

To the ladies,

The man need to know he is your earthly king, he need to feel that you care and trust him to run things as we say. Allow him to be king, and you are queen. In other words, he needs to be validated by his queen.

Most men run when the heat is to hot; let me explain, if the man is faced with difficult issues, combined with his mate communicating them incorrectly i.e., “she yell at him, tell him he never get it right, he’s nothing.” he will shut down or leave without any further discussion. Men are flight people when issues get to hot.

The quickest way to shut your man down is to yell at him or say really bad things during the problem solving process. He will hardly ever comply. There are some exceptions. When a man’s kingly structure is broken, he feel hopeless. Kingly meaning, his manhood has been weaken, and he know longer feel important.

Recognize that ladies the next time pressing issues arrive.

To the gentlemen,

The woman is your soft side, she is very emotional, and she loves to be the center of her man’s attention. She love to hold hands in the public, lean on or kiss her man anywhere; she need to feel loved.

Men, it’s not all about the SEX with the woman, contrary to popular belief. It’s deeper than that; “anyone can sex you up,” it’s about knowing that security is in place, knowing that she is loved by her mate. She will do almost anything for you, and I mean almost anything, if you give her 100% of you.

Women are natural care providers, meaning they for the most part will be the first to identify or address issues i.e., problems with the marriage, relationship, bills and many other issues. It’s not because they are picky, it’s just that most men doesn’t address them in a timely manner.

Let’s try to understand them men!

To both the man and woman,

How do we repair the problems that we face in relationships on a daily basic?

First of all, everything that’s designed seem to have instructions; it doesn’t matter what you purchase, there are instructions from the designer’s. Humans are no different, we were made and we too have instructions. Check this out:


When all HELL breaks loose in your marriage or relationship, check out the guide, a repair process is there. Now, all marriages or relationships want be repaired, but they could be, if the necessary steps are followed.

I know, some of you may say, you don’t know my husband, wife or significant other, you’re correct, but I know someone who does.

Now let’s get real! We humans really can’t truly love, until we learn how; what better way to learn than from the designer.

Let’s conclude it for now.

The real problem with love is, what we have isn’t love at all. We fall in love because someone looks good to us, that’s ok but we need to look deeper than that. Beauties on the outside want last; it’s the hidden person that matter most, he or she will remain forever. Relationships fail daily because there are many beautiful people out there on the surface, but most lack self-control, fool around, and eventually derail there present relationships.

Let me suggest something, if you’re married or seriously involved with another, and considering fooling around, first count the cost. Evaluate losses verses gains. I will let you in on a secret, if you are the problem, and I know, the other person is ALWAYS the problem, the next relationship gets worst.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our children are watching us on how to love; it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s what they see you do that is recorded in their little memory bank. Our kids are going through tough times, all because of what they see us do.

This is very deep, “please don’t take this the wrong way; it takes a man and woman of moral values to successfully raise a child for the best outcome. Single moms please make sure the man in your life benefit the well being of your child or children.”

I will be talking to you soon! Post comments if you like, but by all means, tell everyone you know to come and eat!

Be blessed,




At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love is communicating
Love is spending time
Love is commitment
THANKS!!! Love is a action word to be done by all, because I know God Loves when no one eles will Love. Thanks for the:

At 3:04 AM, Blogger cejr said...

Thanks for viewing!

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Vernette said...

I heard a person say once, "I measure my success as a husband by how my wife feels in a room full of other women. If my wife is in a room full of othe women she should be able to say, 'There's not a woman in this room who is treated better than I am.'" That struck me. That's what a woman wants more than anything else out of her man--to be cherished. More than money, status, muscles, humor or any number of other characteristics. She wants to be shown (not just told) DAILY that she is her man's favorite person. She doesn't want lip service and she doesn't want gifts that aren't backed by genuine emotions. She wants to know that her man is delighted by her presence and stimulated by her spirit. When a MATURE woman receives that, she will move heaven and earth(the natural and the supernatural) to ensure her man has everything necessary to make him a King.
My two-cent's worth. Be blessed.

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love is pure, sincere, giving, sharing, not selfish but always thinking about the other.

Marriages are created in Heaven, in the heart of God.

Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to write.

God bless you greatly! Have a lovely life!


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